Are Property Management Services Worth It?

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Investing in real estate is an exciting way to diversify your investment portfolio. With the objective of maximizing your earnings, you may be considering managing your Cayman Island real estate yourself. However, being a landlord is more than meets the eye. Here are 6 reasons to consider Kuavo’s property management services.

#1 Our Services Pay For Themselves

As you may have already learned, owning property is time-consuming. Getting your property tenant-ready, listing it, screening tenants, and rent collection can take hours per month. Your tenants also need a 24/7 point of contact when emergency repair needs arise. As your property manager, we provide all of these services and more. We optimise the screening process, advise on initial rent, rent increase, and amenities and investments that maintain or add to your property value.

#2 Essential Connections

Whether major or minor, essential or cosmetic, you need to know who to call for maintenance and repairs. Instead of scrambling to find an available contractor and worrying whether they can get the job done, leverage our established team of essential connections. We can verify the quality of our contractors, as they are our go-to for all of the properties we manage.

#3 Compliance

If you don’t comply with residential tenancies law, your commercial lease, or strata by-laws the consequences can be costly. Tenants have rights that can be exercised if you violate your lease. This might be as simple as vacating the property due to your breach of contract. However, tenants may also choose to take legal action. Our property management services ensure that you are always in full compliance. This includes taking proactive steps to maintain compliance, such as performing regular property inspections and advising on preventative maintenance.

#4 Time and Stress

Our objective is to be as hands-free as possible. While some tenants are easy-breezy, others can be a handful. Or maybe the tenant is ideal, but there is a spike in repair needs. Whatever the issue may be, we lighten your load. You are likely to have a full-time job and other obligations. Our services all but eliminate the time and stress of managing your property, while optimizing your outcomes. We keep you apprised of all tenant issues, advise on next steps, and perform 100% of the tenant communication.

#5 Minimized Vacancies

As soon as a tenant moves out, our team gets to work cleaning, painting the interior, and performing required maintenance, repairs, and amenity upgrades as instructed. If you don’t have them yet, we take HD photos and create a video tour to entice prospective tenants. Then we list your rental property and implement strategic marketing to attract a qualified tenant as soon as possible. Our vacancy turnaround time alone can be worth the annual cost of our services.

#6 Expand Your Investment Portfolio

We aren’t just property managers, but a full-service real estate agency. Our picturesque Islands are the ideal place to expand your investment portfolio. The market is healthy, competitive, and growing. With the right property, both local and international buyers are positioned to generate attractive returns. Our services support you in your investment objectives, by helping you select ideal properties and generate the highest returns. This is particularly attractive to international buyers who aren’t familiar with the market.

Ready to Learn More?

If you have a property in the Islands or are considering investing in local real estate, reach out to learn more about Kuavo’s property management services!

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