Why Choose Kuavo for Your Cayman Strata Management?

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Kuavo is a full-service firm that provides bespoke strata services. This includes full strata management and functioning as the property manager for individual units in your building. We manage both new and existing developments. You have plenty of reputable firms to choose from. Here are 7 reasons to consider Kuavo.

#1 Local Industry Experts

Our team is comprised of tenured real estate and strata experts. While some of our team hails from international locations, we are founded by 6th-generation Caymanians. We have the industry insights, vendor connections, and attention to detail required to maintain compliance with your by-laws and local tenant laws. We provide the peace of mind and confidence that your day-to-day operations and ongoing objectives are of top priority. Also, that all emergent needs are resolved without delay.

#2 Full-Service

If you need it, we have you covered! We have carefully curated a tenured team of experts who specialise in the unique needs of our strata clients. This can include as-needed and ongoing property management of individual units. Or just managing the common areas, administration, and building operations.

We provide, schedule, and oversee:

  • Exco Meeting Management
  • Daily Planning & Resolutions
  • Strategic Budgeting
  • Strata Fee Collection
  • Insurance Recordkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Common Area Cleaning
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Surveying & Inspections
  • Groundskeeping
  • Security
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Contractor Management
  • Annual Management Reporting
  • Advisory Services
  • Tenant Screening & Placement
  • And More!

#3 Bespoke

While we utilize best practices, every property is unique. We also understand that your needs are evolving. Our initial step is to create a bespoke plan of action, that we revise as the Exco, owner, and tenant needs evolve. Also, as the market evolves. We advise on methods of better optimizing your objectives without losing sight of your KPIs. This includes guiding you regarding which local and general real estate trends to consider.

#4 Proactive

Our objective is to partner with our clients long-term. Therefore, our strategies are proactive and designed to minimise risk while optimising outcomes. The Kuavo team is aligned with your objectives and plans accordingly. We leverage advanced technologies to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

This includes real-time monitoring, analytics, reporting, and communication. Unexpected obstacles will arise, but our strategies accelerate the resolution. We’ve navigated every possible scenario so there is nothing we can’t handle. When emergencies arise, we are on call 24/7 to resolve matters without delay.

#5 Communicative

Let us be your middleman! Kuavo is the primary point of contact for the Exco, owners, and tenants—and we understand who needs to be kept in which communication loops. We like to think of ourselves as the superglue that holds everything together. Meticulous minutes are kept for all meetings, so even those who can’t attend are apprised. We are only ever a phone call or email away.

#6 Cost-Effective

Our rates are competitive, and our quality is uncompromised. Our strategies minimize risk and maximize your resources. This includes staying on top of the preventative maintenance required to maintain your property value. Most importantly, we provide the services and communication that keep your clients happy. This builds strong relationships that minimize tenant turnover.

#7 Full-Service Real Estate Team

From sales to rentals, property management, listing, marketing, HD photos, video tours, and sourcing new commercial and residential real estate development opportunities—we have you covered. We aim to be your go-to team for all of your real estate needs.

Ready to Learn More?

If you have a new development or your current strata management services aren’t cutting it, we invite you to consider Kuavo. We will provide you with a detailed and bespoke bid and plan of action. Our services can evolve as your needs evolve. We look forward to learning more about your strata’s needs!

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